High brightness light emitting diode package

- Sep 06, 2015-

Cell phone Flash, medium size (NB, LCD-TV, etc) display light module and application of special-purpose lighting system is gradually increasing. To extend the end equipment for general lighting system, white light high power LED technology (HighPower) LED the market will emerge. On the technical side, now faces its biggest challenge is to enhance and maintain the brightness, if its heat capacity, has the potential for development of the market.

In recent years, with the rapid advances in technology LED light emitting diode production, enhance its brightness and longevity, coupled with significant cost reductions, rapidly expanding LED applications market, such as consumer products, general lighting and signalling systems, and its rapid growth in global markets. In 2003 the global LED market about $ 4.48 billion (High-Brightness LED market of about US $ 2.7 billion) in 2002, representing a growth of 17.3% (High-Brightness LED market growth 47%), riding on the potential of the mobile phone market continues to grow, predict the growth rate of 2004 are still 14%.

In terms of product development, white light LED research and development has become the makers of key development projects. Currently manufacturing white-light LED there are four main methods:

Blue LED+ yellow light fluorescent powder (such as: YAG)

Second, the red LED+ green LED+ blue LED

Three, UV-LED+ red/green/blue phosphor

Four, blue LED+ZnSe single crystal substrates

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