How to tell if 0603 led

- Sep 06, 2015-

0603 lamp beads belongs to small power lamp beads, widely using Yu various appliances, and electronic table, and electronic calendar, and electronic gift, and digital, and communications, and car electronic, and lighting lighting, and electronic toy, and traffic indicates, and city bright of engineering, related production enterprise. posted tablets 0603 lamp beads color total red, and Yellow lamp, and white lamp, and blue lamp, and green, and yellow green, and red blue, this several color, it glow of brightness is 120 degrees. Expanding optical talk about how to judge the lights below:

1, the LED lamp quality: quality decided to chip led quality. If select small manufacturers production of, poor of lamp beads, do out of lamp with brightness are compared low, because led lamp beads glow chip of quality decided has made of LED lamp beads brightness not high, those chip are is 1-2 points money a star of inferior goods, using a problem on to has leakage (died lamp), authentic chip made of things features, is brightness high, performance stable. Expand the optical, selection is imported chips, such as Taiwan wafer. Fundamentally ensures that led SMD bulb quality issues.

2, heat dissipation: led SMD lamp bead is also important, if cooling condition is not good, led at high temperatures for a long time, light failure will be very big, lamp life will be reduced.

3, led SMD LED color temperature: temperature rating, the smaller the better, such large led lit without because the color temperature difference is too big colorful, some yellow, some in white.

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