Improving extraction efficiency lowering thermal resistance of power LED package technology

- Sep 06, 2015-

Cooling technology

Traditional of led type LED package structure, General is with conductive or non-conductive rubber will chip loaded in small size of reflection Cup in the or contains tablets stage, by gold silk completed devices of both inside and outside connection Hou with epoxy resin package and into, its hot resistance up to 250 ℃/W~300 ℃/W, new of power type chip if used traditional type of LED package form, will will because thermal bad and led to chip knot temperature quickly rose and ring oxygen carbide variable yellow, to caused devices of accelerated light failure until failure, Even as rapid thermal expansion stress causes open circuit failure.

Therefore, for large power LED chips current, low thermal resistance and heat the new package structure and low stress is the key technology of power LED device. Can be used with low resistance, high thermal conductivity materials bonded chip; lower copper or aluminum heat sink on a chip, and use half an envelope structure, accelerated cooling; or even secondary heatsink design to reduce the thermal resistance of the device. In the device's internal fill transparent flexible silicone rubber, silicone rubber to withstand temperature range (-40 ℃ to 200℃), colloids will not devices open due to sudden changes in temperature, there will be no yellowing phenomenon. Part material should also fully consider the thermal conductivity, thermal characteristics, to obtain good thermal properties.

Secondary optical design technology

In order to improve extraction efficiency of the device, optical lens design reflection Cup and multiple.

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