Led lamp bead leakage cause analysis

- Sep 06, 2015-

Led chip is a solid is a p-n junction semiconductor device, led lamp bead leakage leakage of timing is different, some chips before the package was flawed, resulting in leakage. Some bulb package rear lamp bead leakage, some aging led tail lamp bead leakage, some led lights bead leakage. Leakage reasons of concrete analysis of concrete problems, identify the root cause of the problem and the remedy. Led lamp bead leakage reasons sum up a few points.

1. the chip itself was flawed, resulting in leakage. This may be the chips from the chip manufacturers to take back the case. Wafer manufacturers choose the regular qualifying necessary

2. chips subjected to pollution, this is often the problem, is the most common problem. Why chip received pollution? Its cause may be used when chip did not note that chip coated with dust or wash things like water vapor, led chips are very small things, little attention will not undermine the structure of the bulb, led lamp bead leakage or be dead lamp. So we plant you want to use clean room, take on a chip with anti-static gloves, the operator does not allow make-up job, hair should be up for work, and so on a series of requirements.

3. lamp bead welding line, wire no led lamp bead leakage. For instance line welding, cold solder joint, wire tension set incorrectly, these lamp bead leakage phenomenon to occur, the problem is more common, as long as you can usually pay more attention to avoid the occurrence of such problems.

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