LED lamp bead structure

- Sep 06, 2015-

LED Lamp (led lights) is mainly composed of frame, silver gum, chips, gold wire, epoxy-consisting of five items.

And support:

1), frame: used to conducting and supporting

2), support: the bracket formed by the stent material after plating, is material from the inside out, copper, nickel, copper, silver, which consists of five layers.

3), the bracket type: cups support concentrating, grub supports large-angle astigmatism-Lamp.

A, 2002 Cup/flat: this bracket is generally done to angles, brightness requirements are not very high material, the Pin length much shorter than other brackets around 10MM. Pin distance for 2.28mm

B, 2003 Cup/crew: generally used for φ 5 per cent of the Lamp, exposed pin up to +29mm, -27mm. Pin spacing of 2.54mm.

C, 2004-Cup/crew: used to do about φ 3 Lamp,Pin length and spacing with the 2003 support.

D, 2004LD/DD: used for blue, pure white, green, purple Lamp, double line, than deep.

E, 2006: poles are flat-type, used for flashing Lamp, solid IC, welding lines.

F, 2009: used to make two-color Lamp, glass can be fixed in two chips, three pin foot control polarity.

G, 2009-8/3009: used for tri-color Lamp, glass can be fixed in three chips, four pin the feet.

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