Full Color LED

- Sep 06, 2015-

Full color LED

A, LED two turn LED

LED light display on both sides (LED-trivision) is three over billboards and combination of LED electronic display. Its working principle is: the original Tri-Prism on one of the images replaced with LED display module, the rest still use spray paint on both sides. In this way, it in the day alternating between the two spray painting, night clock LED display module out and the broadcast video frequency picture, equivalent to conventional LED light emitting diode display.

Second, function

1:LED display on both sides not only has the effect of Tri-and has the effect of LED display screen, Tri-and LED screens to maximize their advantages. Two spray painting can be displayed during the day, evening functions the same as conventional LED display, you can play all types of video files support live TV.

2: low energy, each square only 90W of power consumption, and without air conditioning and special duty.

3: waterproof, UV-resistant function

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