How To Buy LED?

- Sep 06, 2015-

Consumer best buy trusted brands to the formal sources of products. Purchase to carefully examine whether there is a clear, durable sign manufacturer name and address, product model, the main technical parameters of products, trademarks, manufacturing date and serial number of the products, the implementation of standards, quality inspection marks and other information are complete; check the power, see if the product is working correctly. In addition, consumers the best selection 3C certification products and view the product certification mark, certification, coding and certification symbol warning labels.

"In the past few years, China's light emitting diode heat, just the concept of hot, heat, developed fever rather than innovation. Due to lack of core technology and patents, and low level of investment is serious. 70% enterprises in China can only live in the downstream low threshold and low technical content of packaging and Assembly aspect, low level of competition with each other. "Academician Zhou Lian said. A few years ago, at the national level, research and development institutions and lighting experts, super bright led Epitaxial wafers and power chip development and industrialization, and high-end semiconductor lighting, or is it just a "concept".

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