Interpretation Of LED Light Sources Of Hazardous

- Sep 06, 2015-

Although, LED the good momentum of development, but spread to a broad people's homes remain for some time. Not extensive throughout the lighting price is one reason, some ones had thought that LED lights for eyes is not good. Then the LED lamps have eyes after all damage it?

Lighting in addition to Visual effects, biological effects may also occur. Why winter afternoon, we got up late, get up earlier in summer, which is good at manipulating our biological clock. When Blu-ray is very strong, and people have no desire to sleep; in contrast, Blu-ray is very weak in favor of human sleep. So Blu-ray influence on human biological rhythms can occur. Now most of the white-light LED is the choice of Blu-ray LED inspired method of light emitting diodes YAG phosphor, Blu-ray Blu-ray radiation wavelength and retina damage characteristic curve and the body of non-Visual photosensitivity curve coincide. In this way, concerns expressed in the room selects the white light LED can damage the retina, disrupt the biological clock.

As far as I know, the World Commission on illumination (CIE) VanBommEL Professor, former President (and Philips global lighting design and application on the middle of the leadership), and his use of LED very active, doing a lot of research work. In his article entitled the lighting quality and energy efficiency (LightingQualityandEnergyEfficiency) article, analyzed the effects of LED Blu-ray. After the adoption of careful accounting, are the results: 2700K color temperature, and color rendering index above 80 LED white light Blu-ray radiation less than the incandescent lamps of the same luminous flux. He thought the color temperature 2700K~3000K, and white light LED color rendering index above 80, centering in the indoor use.

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