Prevention Of LED Light Emitting Diode Current

- Sep 06, 2015-

Prevention of LED light emitting diode current

1, LED the process of using no overcurrent or overvoltage.

In order to use under steady-state conditions LED should link up it and protect the resistance, and resistance values according to the flow of voltage or power LED may be recommended IF the scope of 3-18mA.

3, momentary pulse destroys the light emitting diode connected, so the circuit must be designed carefully, so that when the line opened closed, LED will not be excessive pressure (current) impacts.


1, in order to obtain uniform brightness of the LED of the current should be used with the batch.

[Table]2, rated current and voltage conditions, the brightness increases with the current strength of.

3, LED at the time of IF=20mA is likely to be of uniform brightness.

4, Visual inspection, eye to 30cm distance LED.

Note: blue, pure green, and violet. White tube during transport, IQC, anti-static measures needed in the production process.

Time: matters noted above, led life 80,000 hours.

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