To Adjust Energy-saving Light

- Sep 06, 2015-

To adjust energy-saving light

Since human beings aware of certain possible energy saving and emission reduction, to solve the urgent problems of the warming of the atmosphere, how to reduce lighting power consumption as an important issues to the agenda. Because of lighting 20% per cent of total energy consumption. Fortunately, there were LED,LED energy efficient light-emitting diodes is more than 5 times than incandescent lamps than fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lights to about 1 time, and unlike fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps that contain mercury. If the dimmer can also be used to save energy, it is also very important energy-saving means. But past all the light sources are not easy to achieve dimming, and easy dimming LED a lot of advantages. Because in many cases there is no need to turn on the light or at least don't need a light, but the light was very bright, such as street lamps of the midnight to dawn session; when subway cars from underground suburban surface carriage lighting is more common in sunny window offices, schools, factories, and other fluorescent lamps are still on there. Every day in these places don't know how much wasted energy!, because high pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps, Ceiling lamps, energy-saving lamps can not dimming, can forget it. Now after using light-emitting diodes, you can freely adjust up, that energy can be saved. So for the lights dimming, raised the family wall light is not the main application, the market is very small. Are street lights, offices, shopping malls, schools, factories of dimming on demand is a more important occasion, not only the market is huge, and the energy-saving considerable. Which needs no manual dimming automatically dimming, intelligent dimmer.

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